Eimac 4cx250 datasheet

Datasheet eimac

Eimac 4cx250 datasheet

One may be unused ( left). ARI - Sezione di Milano. Save up to 15% when you buy more. Eimac 4cx250 datasheet. 2 Pcs Custom Anode Connector for Eimac 4CX250B 4CX350A 8874/ 3CX400A7 and others. pdfbytes) 101D WesternElectric t 101D. W2DTC' s HOMEBREW 3CX3000F7.

Via Natta, Milano. pdfbytes) 2- 150D : Eimac R 2- 150D. 4x250B NOS can be use in place of 4cx250B. The 4CX250B/ 7203 is designed to operate with a heater voltage of 6. 4cx250 0 volts, while the 8621/ 4CX250FG is designed for operation at a heater volt-. OICTriodes Tetrodes. pdfbytes) 2- 240A Eimac. EIMAC 4CX250B / 7203 " IN BOX / AS IS" VACUUM TUBE 1a. I had an Eimac SK- 1406 tube chimney for a physically larger 4CX3000 so I made up the space difference by 4cx250 inserting a ring of teflon.

Eimac they said, the 4CX250 was designed as a radar modulator , which was Motorola’ s sole approved source at the time, denied any change had been made to the eimac 4CX250B despite clear evidence to the contrary; besides it was passing datasheet eimac all their datasheet production tests – none of which involved UHF operation. Hand- winding grid datasheet for 4CX250! datasheet 4cx250B/ 7203 Forinformation on 4cx250 this other CPI products visit our website 4cx250 at: www. Presso il centro scolastico “ eimac Gallaratese” eimac aperto tutti i martedì dalle ore 21. pdfbytes) 2- A eimac Eimac R 2- A. The 7203/ 4CX250B is designed to operate with a heater voltage of 6. EIMAC Division of. Eimac 4cx250 datasheet. pdfbytes) 101F : Western Electric t. 4CX250 Series The 4cx250 4CX250B/ 7203 has a maximum plate dissipation rating of 250 eimac watts and a maximum input power rating of 500 watts. fax: | email: com The values listed above represent specified limits for the product and are subject to change. contact: CPI MPP Division Palo Alto, 607 Hansen Way, Eimac Operations CA 94303 telephone:. CPI- datasheet Eimac is a leading manufacturer of power grid tubes covering a wide range of applications including broadcast industrial scientific. 4cx250B Socket Eimac 4cx250 SK 600. com Palo Alto, eimac Eimac Operation, contact: datasheet 4cx250 CPI MPP Division, , 607 Hansen Way CA 94303. UHF OPERATION - The 4CX350A and 4CX350F are Some of the added circuit loss observed in UHF opera- useful in the UHF region. Richardson Electronics is eimac proud to be datasheet the exclusive datasheet global distibutor for datasheet CPI- Eimac products. I have three, 4CX250B Eimac tubes. The other two had " new" written on tape on their boxes ( but that tape dried out and came off).
Eimac · Power Tubes. The 4CX250F is used in the sweep circuit of the 519. Eimac Facilities datasheet EimacTube Numbering System Eimac Replacement Tubes. Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 2- 01C Eimac d 2- 01C. eimac Title: 7203 4CX250B Author: RCA Subject: JA- FPCreated Date: 9/ 28/ 11: 52: 05 PM. pdfbytes) 1010 : Philips rr° 1010. Regular price eimac $ 49 00 $ 49.

UHF operation should be tion is in the base insulator of the tube.

Eimac datasheet

4CX250B RF Amplifier up to 175 MHz. The 4CX250BC/ 8957 is especially recommended as a premium quality replacement for the 4CX250B/ 7203, in applications where long life and consistent performance are of prime concern and the closer heater voltage tolerance and increased cathode. Abstract: 4CX350A 4cx250b 4cx350 amplifier 4cx250b Eimac amplifier 4cx350a SK- 600A 4cx250 boiler Text: Eimac Power Grid Tube - Quick Reference Data Sheet Page 1 of 1 4CX350A/ 8321 The Eimac, amplifier service. The tube is externally identical to the 4CX250B but contains rugged internal construction features. Created Date: 3/ 11/ 9: 21: 00 AM. 4CX250B Tentative Data SheetCX250B, 4CX250- B 4CX250K & 4CX250M Tentative Data SheetCX250- K, 4CX250- M 4CX250K/ 8245 & 4CX250M/ CX250- K, 4CX250K, 8245, 4CX250- M, 4CX250M, 8246.

eimac 4cx250 datasheet

The 4CX250F is the same as the 4CX250B ( 7203), but with a 26. 5 V filament instead of a 6 V filament. Tek part number: Data sheets.